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Welcome to my *NEW* Friday series! Each week I’ll be featuring 10 Nonfiction Books with a common theme or subgenre. This week I’m featuring ten MUSIC ICONS.

The best music memoirs and biographies offer passionate and highly personal accounts of extraordinary lives. Some focus on creative journeys and a search for artistic fulfillment; some offer accounts of wild parties and other rock’n’roll excesses.

This week I’m sharing 10 NEW titles from and about MUSIC ICONS, who have rocked our world and brought their music into our lives.

  1. Tegan and Sara: Modern Heartthrobs by Melody Lau (Invisible Publishing) – on sale 8/16/22 Through interviews with Tegan and Sara, their collaborators, journalists, and fans, this book explores the multifaceted career of one of music’s most celebrated sister duos, from their start as Neil Young’s protégés to Canadian indie-rock purveyors and, making their riskiest transformation yet, into mainstream pop breakouts.
  2. Nirvana: Never Mind the Photos by Kirk Weddle (Acc Art Books) – 9/1/22 Now – for the first time in book form – the photographer behind the lens shares his memories from that day, along with his nearly 140 outtakes, including promo shots of the band.
  3. This Band Has No Past: How Cheap Trick Became Cheap Trick by Brian J. Kramp (Jawbone Press) 9/6/22This Band Has No Past tells the story of a bar band from the Midwest–the best and weirdest bar band in the Midwest– and how they doggedly pursued a most unlikely career in rock’n’roll.
  4. None of This Rocks: A Memoir by Joe Trohman (Hachette Books) – on sale 9/13/22 Lead guitarist and co-founder of Fall Out Boy shares personal stories from his youth and his experiences of modern rock and roll stardom in this memoir filled with wit and wisdom.
  5. Long Road: Pearl Jam and the Soundtrack of a Generation by Steven Hyden (Hachette Books) – on sale 9/27/22 Written with his celebrated blend of personal memoir, criticism, and journalism, Hyden explores Pearl Jam’s path from Ten to now. It’s a chance for new fans and old fans alike to geek out over Pearl Jam minutia–the B-sides, the beloved deep cuts, the concert bootlegs–and explore the multitude of reasons why Pearl Jam’s music resonated with so many people.
  6. The Sporty One: My Life as a Spice Girl by Melanie Chisholm (Grand Central Publishing) – on sale 9/27/22 For the first time ever, Melanie talks about the pressures of fame, the shaming and bullying she experienced, the struggles she has had with her body image and mental health, and the difficulty of finding yourself when the whole world knows your name. THE SPORTY ONE is an incredible story of resilience, hope, and how you can find your power.
  7. Pink Floyd Live: Collected by Alison James (Sona Books) 10/1/22 Pink Floyd Live Collected provides an insight into the unique live concert journey of one of the most groundbreaking and influential bands of all time.
  8. Mirror in the Sky: The Life and Music of Stevie Nicks by Simon Morrison (University of California Press)- on sale 10/4/22 Mirror in the Sky analyzes Nicks’s craft–the grain of her voice, the poetry of her lyrics, the melodic and harmonic syntax of her songs–and identifies the American folk and country influences on her musical imagination that place her within a distinctly American tradition of women songwriters.
  9. Prince: All the Songs: The Story Behind Every Track by Benoît Clerc (Mitchell Beazley) – on sale 10/11/22 From the inspiration behind the lyrics and melody to the recording process and even the musicians and producers who worked on each track, uncover the stories behind the music in this truly definitive book – a must-have for every Prince fan.
  10. Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story by Bono (Knopf Publishing Group) – on sale 11/1/22 As one of the music world’s most iconic artists and the cofounder of the organizations ONE and (RED), Bono’s career has been written about extensively. But in Surrender, it’s Bono who picks up the pen, writing for the first time about his remarkable life and those he has shared it with.

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Who are your favorite current music stars? What musical icons from the past fascinate you? Why? What about their public images do you find most interesting?

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