My Bookstagram Journey to 10K July 2021 #6Monthsto10K #theOCBookGirl

Hello, Bookworms!

This is my first update on my goal to reach 10,000 followers on my Bookstagram account by the end of the year! Click here to read my previous posts.

I will have at least 10,000 followers by December 31, 2021.

I’ve had a great response so far and am excited to have a goal. I forgot the “social” in social media for a while but I’m back, baby!

Here are the highlights:

Start Date: 6/28/21 – Followers: 6,606

Follower count at the time of writing  – 6,634

  • Posted a new reel every day since Saturday 6/26 and have been showing my face more in my stories.
  • Click HERE and HERE to see my two most viewed/liked reels.
  • Worked on/Filmed more reels (6 saved in my drafts)
    • Bookstagram challenges reel – ongoing
    • Explore OC With Me – filmed my first virtual tour of a cute OC coffeehouse – ongoing  
  • Featured three 10k accounts in my stories and connected with the page owner  – ongoing
  •  @annmariereads, @cookie.the.bookie, @booksloveandunderstanding
  • Created a google survey with a TON of questions for these “big accounts” – ongoing
  • Cross-posted all posts and reels to Pinterest
  • Planned out and took pics for 5 giveaways – #freebookfriday, (click here to see the giveaway for this week ) – ongoing
  • Identified 4 “pillars” (topics) to focus on – Nonfiction, Motivation/Kindness, Tutorials, Local OC Scene (libraries, coffee shops, etc.)
    • Polled my followers what they think I do best, or what interests them the most – most votes for kindness and motivation
  • To celebrate the small victories and milestones on the way to 10K, I thought it would be fun to do something silly on camera – so when I reach 7,000, I’ll eat an avocado! (I despise avocados!)

Looking Ahead. Ideas and Things to Work On

This is a running list of todos.

  • Resource Library
    • Hashtag Challenges – food, drinks, causes, colors, days of the week, spell it, seasonal, weather, pets, plants
    • List of music/audio for reels with links and verbiage
    • Brand Identity worksheet – How to figure out your  niche/brand/aesthetic (list of descriptive words)
    • Local business features
  • Weekly Hashtag / Photo Challenge round-up: #booksandjournals #booksandbujos
  • Tip Tuesday – what would that look like?
  • How to incorporate Motivation and Kindness posts – quotes?
  • How to share more personal things – my hobbies, favorites, etc.
  • Join the #DoSummerWrite journaling challenge
  • Work on other small business features/reels (candles, t-shirts, bookmarks, stationery, indie bookstores)

Don’t Forget! Post Checklist:

  • Post every day
  • Consistent aesthetic
  • Stick to content pillars – every post
  • Call to action?
  • Ask A Question / Solve a Problem
  • Is it Educational / Promotional / Personal
  • Hashtag research
  • Reels – use trending music
  • More Jaymi – show my personality
  • Cross-posting to other Pinterest and other platforms
  • More engagement via stories, polls
  • Use Image Description for accessibility
  • Giveaways
  • Use LR presets
  • Get photos reposted, tag brands
  • Preschedule with Later
  • Monthly themes (Nonfiction November, RAOK, etc)


Join me on my journey!

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