Part 3 My Bookstagram Journey to 10K #6Monthsto10K #theOCBookGirl

Hello, Bookworms!

This is Part 3 of my goal to reach 10,000 followers on my Bookstagram account by the end of the year! Click here to read my previous posts.

I will have at least 10,000 followers by December 31, 2021.

July is the first month I’ve really focused on being VERY intentional with my content.  Social media marketing is a long game and so is building an audience. Growing pains and slow growth is to be expected.

Here are the highlights:

Start Date: 6/28/21 – Followers: 6,606

Follower count at the time of writing  – 6,690 (+84)

  • Posted 20 new reels between 6/26 and 7/17 (every day except 7/9)
  • Click HERE and HERE to see my most viewed/liked reels.
  • Collab with @JavaTradingJourney – Click here to see
  • @Bloomscape used my photo! – Click here to see
  • Using InShot exclusively now. Now there are minimal edits when I upload to Reels and if I lose my drafts, I don’t lose all that work.
  • Focus my posts  – educational, promotional, or personal, and only if they fit into a content “bucket” (motivation and kindness, nonfiction, tutorials/how-tos, local OC scene, about me)
  • Identified my most frequent post layouts: book stacks (a hashtag challenge, common theme), book cover (a spotlight, review, giveaway), flat lay (common themes/images/trends), digital book (review/spotlight),  mood pic (no specific book – quotes, motivation, personal), selfie (personal connection), my favorite things – books with plants, coffee mugs, journals


  • Featured 6 accounts that are super close to 10k – community over competition – ongoing
  • Revised my story hi-lights for the millionth time.
  • Featured more 10k accounts in my stories and connected with the page owner  – ongoingContinue to send google surveys to the “big accounts” and aggregate the info I receive- ongoingSend thank you postcard?
  • My library of content (photos and reels) is growing nicely.  I’m taking batches of photos, with similar themes/backgrounds as a way to streamline the process and build a consistent aesthetic – ongoing
  • Weekly posts will include: Nonfiction, True Crime Nonfiction, Motivation/Kindness- ongoing
  • Weekly Reels will include: Local Scene or Small Business, Bookstagram Hashtags, and Frequently Mispronounced Words- ongoing
  • Weekly reminders in my stories about the mini-goal of reaching 7k to build excitement and not lose momentum.- ongoing


  • I’ve been terrible at remembering to cross-post all posts and reels to Pinterest and other social media platforms
  • I also need to be better at adding Image Descriptions to my photos
  • Hashtag strategy? What’s that?!

Looking Ahead. Ideas and Things to Work On

This is a running list of todos.

  • Resource Library
    • Hashtag Challenges – food, drinks, causes, colors, days of the week, spell it, seasonal, weather, pets, plants
    • List of music/audio for reels with links and verbiage
    • Brand Identity worksheet – How to figure out your  niche/brand/aesthetic (list of descriptive words)
    • Local business features
  • Weekly Hashtag / Photo Challenge round-up? #booksandjournals #booksandbujos
  • Tip Tuesday – what would that look like?
  • Incorporate Motivation and Kindness posts – quotes?
  • Share more personal things – my hobbies, favorites, etc.
  • Work on other small business features/reels (candles, t-shirts, bookmarks, stationery, indie bookstores)
  • Post idea: what I spend money on (i.e Canva, WordPress, etc).
  • Poll followers for September birthdays

Don’t Forget! Post Checklist:

  • Post every day
  • Consistent aesthetic
  • Stick to content pillars – every post
  • Call to action?
  • Ask A Question / Solve a Problem
  • Is it Educational / Promotional / Personal
  • Hashtag research
  • Reels – use trending music
  • More ME – show my personality
  • Cross-posting to other Pinterest and other platforms
  • More engagement via stories, polls
  • Use Image Description for accessibility
  • Giveaways
  • Use LR presets
  • Get photos reposted, tag brands
  • Preschedule with Later
  • Monthly themes (Nonfiction November, RAOK, etc)

Join me on my journey!

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