Bring On The Challenges – Part I | 2020 Reading Challenges #2020ReadingChallenge #orangecountyreads

It’s that time of year! For all the planners out there, I’m bringing you Part I of the 2020 Reading Challenges series.

I’ve linked to several popular challenges as well as some of the lesser-known ones.

Will you be participating in any of these Reader Challenges? Are YOU running a 2020 Reader Challenge? Let me know in the comments! ⤵️⤵️

Let’s see what’s poppin’ for 2020…

Reading Women Podcast | Reading Women Challenge

Complete as many challenges as you can from the list. The goal is to encourage you to read widely #ReadingWomenChallenge.

Popsugar | 2020 Reading Challenge

50 new book prompts! In addition to the 40 standard book challenge prompts, they’re bringing back the 10 “advanced” prompts for those bibliophiles out there looking for something extra. Find out more here:

The Quiet Pond | #StartOnYourShelfathon

Participants of the StartOnYourShelfathon will read books that they already own (whether it’s a physical or electronic bookshelf). Find out more here:


The Unruly Reader | Book Bingo Blackout

This year’s bingo card has a calendar theme.  We start out with Icy (for winter), then move to Longing (for spring), then a Road Trip (for summer), and finally Horror (for fall). Every category on the card is placed in its spot for a seasonal reason. Find out more here:

GirlXOXO | Monthly Book Award Reading Challenge

Your task is to read at least 1 book each month that has WON a book award that month.
EXCEPT December. Read ANY book award winner.
#GXOAwardReadingChallenge Find out more here:

Girl XOXO | Monthly Motif Reading Challenge

A Motif, or theme, is given for each month. Your task is to read 1 book that fits the motif for that month. #MonthlyMotifGXO Find out more here:

Ginger Mom & Company | 2020 A to Z Reading Challenge

This challenge will encourage you to read one book whose title begins with each letter of the alphabet. Along the way, there will be quarterly read-a-thons and mini-challenges that you can use to replace any of the more difficult letters. Find out more here:

South Asian Reading Challenge – ISO Hosts

This reading challenge will start on the 1st of January, 2020 and is about reading more south-Asian books. From creating TBRs to simply logging the books, this challenge is purely about acknowledging the desi books you pick up. Find out more here:

Foxes and Fairy Tales | My Classic Women Reading Challenge

Read one novel by a ‘classic’ woman writer and at least one other classic (of any type/ author) each month. Will be combining with some existing readathons: #Victober, #Georgianary, #ClassicsCommunity and #JaneAustenJuly.  Find out more here:

Mommy Mannegren | 52 Books in 52 Weeks

52 different categories to be met over the course of the year. These are fresh categories that can each be interpreted in a variety of ways.  Find out more here:

Hibernator’s Library | History Nonfiction Reading Challenge

The rules are not strict – if you consider the book to be history, then go ahead and post it. Find out more here:

A Dance With Books | Go Big or Go Home Reading Challenge

The main goal of this reading challenge is to read 1 big book per month.  Find out more here:

Jemima Pett | Space Time Reading Challenge


Read any book that is from the science fiction/time-travel genres. Any sub-genres are welcome as long as they incorporate one of these genres.  Find out more here:

Carolina Book Nook | What’s In A Name?


13th Annual, Read a book in any format (hard copy, ebook, audio) with a title that fits into each category. Find out more here:

The Book Decoder | British Crime Classics Challenge

Second Annual, books published before 1965, #BritishCrimeClassicsChallenge

Find out more here:

Unconventional Bookworms | 2020 New Release Challenge

Books have to be released and reviewed in 2020. Find out more here:


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  1. Wow! Thank you for your effort to collect these in one post! Last year I did the MMD Clhallenge, Pages to the Past’s Histfic Challenge, and Tina’s Netgalley/Edelweiss Challenge ….. and Goodreads. Which ones are you doing next year?


  2. That’s a lot of challenges! I’m also doing the New Release Challenge and I’ll be doing the Passages to the Past Historical Fiction reading challenge, but that’s about it. Well.. maybe also the summer big book challenge, too.


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