#AMonthofFaves This is How We Holiday | 12 Things We Love #christmaslist

#AMonthofFaves This is How We Holiday 

We are homebodies and we don’t over schedule on purpose. We don’t like crowds and you’d never catch us out past ten pm. We love family time and staying in our PJs all day. Typically our kids get three weeks off from school so we/they are very lucky! We usually head to my parents for Christmas Eve and then the in-laws for Christmas Day. Christmas morning is just us, something yummy and sweet and just…being TOGETHER!

#AMonthofFaves This is How We Holiday | 12 Things We Love #christmaslist

Here are 12 things I love about Christmas and the holidays!

1. I’m obsessed with Peet’s Coffee – Dark Chocolate and Orange Mocha. Anything with chocolate and orange is amazing but this drink is DELISH! (sorry Peppermint Mocha – you’ve been replaced!)

2. The smell of a real pine tree, I know it’s more practical and lasts longer to have an artificial tree and some people are allergic, but I hope there never comes a day when we have anything other than a fresh, green Douglas Fir!

3. The advent calendar we’ve had since the kids were small. They still argue over who gets to put the star on the last day!

4. Baking, baking, baking! My mom always made fudge at the holidays and I’ve continued the tradition. Some years we make a big day of it, some years it’s just me and my kids in the kitchen. Either way, we bake and cook and then we make plates for the neighbors and friends.

5. Wrapping Christmas gifts! My daughter loves to help and lately I just give her the gifts to wrap because I’m a procrastinator and then they pile up. However, there used to be a time when you knew I wrapped it because I always used the most tape. Like not even a fingernail could find an opening! I’m weird?!

6. Decorating the tree and remembering all the stories and memories and places that go with some of the ornaments. Some are even from our own childhood! All the way back to the 70s! {gasp}

7. Christmas caroling. My mom used to take her 5th grade CCD classes caroling and we would go around different convalescence homes singing to the residents. I still remember the joy on their faces.

8. Classic Christmas movies. I’m talking the animated Frosty, Rudolph and Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol. We’re also fans of Arthur Christmas and Legend of the Guardians.

9. Family time. It can be stressful to be with family. As people get older and move away and pass away, traditions change. As I’ve gotten older I’ve really realized it’s truly the presence not the presents! I love driving around looking at the lights and playing board games and doing jigsaw puzzles – no technology or devices.

10. Chinese food on New Years Eve. I know we’re not the only ones who do this, right?! We don’t go to parties and stay out late so this has become a fun tradition.

11. Football and Parades – we love watching the Cowboys and I love watching the Rose Parade on New Years Day. I haven’t gotten my kids into it – they don’t understand why I get up at 6am to watch the pre-parade! I miss Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks though…

12. New Year, New You. It’s great when the holidays are over, amirite?! By the time the kids go back to school, I’m ready to clean the house top to bottom, put away all the decorations and swear to become a minimalist!

QOTD: So how do YOU Holiday? Do you celebrate Christmas? Tell me about your traditions!

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  1. The tape thing made me laugh. I would say thorough, not weird.

    I loved reading this. It’s so fun seeing the different ways people celebrate. Chinese on NYE sounds good to me. I go out sometimes (if I’m invited), but I also enjoy staying in and reading or blogging on NYE. So maybe I’m the weird one.

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