Unique Blogger Award

I was tagged by Lori’s Bookshelf Reads for the UBA 2018.

Thanks for tagging me Lori! I do enjoy reading these posts, always interesting to read about other booksters!


⭐️Share the link of the blogger who nominated you

 ⭐️Answer their questions

 ⭐️Share some love with the blogging community by nominating 5-10 people

⭐️Ask three questions for your nominees


Which 3-6 book characters are in your harem? You can’t choose any from the same books/series.

Harem? Let’s call it a squad! These are the characters I want on my squad!

  • Benji from Beartown (Fredrik Backman)for his passion and loyalty
  • Harry Bosch (Michael Connelly series) for his gritty determination and no BS attitude
  • Alexander from The Bronze Horseman (Paullina Simons) for his table making skills (heh heh)
  • Lt. Taylor Jackson (J. T. Ellison series) because she’s a badass cop who won’t put up with anyone’s crap
  • Eve Gardner from The Alice Network (Kate Quinn) because she was a spy – so she has mad skills.

How often do you blog?

I try to blog at least five times per week.

Favorite genre that you love to read?

Chick Lit/Contemporary Fiction/Relationship Drama


What is a favorite Bookish quote?

Which book character would you want to be?

If you could live in a book, what setting from what book?

I nominate Kristin and Alicia and Lexie. If you want to do the tag, consider yourself tagged!

OR, just answer my three questions in the comments! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


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