Book Review: Almost Missed You by Jessica Strawser

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Published: March 2017

Pages: 319


Violet and Finn are that adorable couple who have the best meet-cute. Their story is trotted out at cocktail parties and everyone says it was “meant to be.”

Fast forward three years and they are on a fantastic vacation with their little boy Bear. Except when Violet goes upstairs to check on her guys….they’re gone!

So what could possibly cause this devoted husband and father to disappear like that? And how are their best friends Caitlin and George involved? And can Violet survive this?

The whole book tries to answer that question. Lots of twists and turns as Violet tries to come to terms with things she’s finding out about her husband and who he really is. Her Gram was a wonderful character who was full of great advice.

Sadly for me, the last 1/3 of the book was disappointing and a bit of a let down. I wanted more. There was so much buildup around everyone’s secrets and then we find out Finn’s reasons and it was so dumb…unconvincing and despicable and I didn’t feel any sympathy despite what he had “been through”. Gram and George were the best, most vivid characters.

About the Author:

Jessica Strawser is the editor-at-large at Writer’s Digest, where she served as editorial director for nearly a decade and became known for her in-depth cover interviews with such luminaries as David Sedaris and Alice Walker. She’s the author of the book club favorites Almost Missed You, now new in paperback, and Not That I Could Tell. Her third novel, Forget You Know Me, is forthcoming from SMP in February 2019.

She has written for The New York Times Modern Love, Publishers Weekly and other fine venues, and lives with her husband and two children in Cincinnati. She tweets @jessicastrawser, enjoys connecting on Facebook, and speaks frequently at book clubs, libraries, writing conferences and other events.