Book Review : “Vox” by Christina Dalcher


Genre: dystopian, fiction, sci-fi

Published: 8/21/18 (Berkeley)

Pages: 336

This was an eye-opening crazy read I wasn’t prepared for! All women in the USA have been silenced, limited to 100 words a day.  There’s a wristband or counter that sends a shock after the 101st word. The goal is to be a submissive “pure” woman or man. All rights have been stripped or assigned to the husband to manage. Things like getting the mail or using the computer or even reading are forbidden because you know, women are hysterical and better suited to homemaker tasks! The older boy teen in the family is encouraged to police his own mother and sister. The only girl in the family wins an award for her counter remaining at zero all day. Homosexuals live in a work  camp.


This author created an entire country of conservative men running it on super tight lockdown. And she thought of everything to make it so realistic and somewhat “possible”.  The main character Jean,  is a linguistic professor who is allowed to continue her research without a counter in the hopes she can cure the Presidents brother who suffered brain damage.   She is a brilliant woman who realizes she’s married to a weak man.  She starts noticing strange redundancies and realizes the governments ultimate plan.

This story was a shocking “what if” tale and it held my interest from start to finish.

I think people are going to FREAK out when this book releases August 21, 2018. Read the first 100 words here:

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