California Summer, Anita Hughes

“Tender and triumphant… California Summer made my heart sing.” ~ Allison Winn Scotch

We couldn’t be happier that local author Anita Hughes has a new book out next week!

She writes the most beautifully descriptive “getaway” fiction. All her books take place in different cities around the world, so a love letter to California, her hometown and mine is especially meaningful!

Synopsis: Anita Hughes’s California Summer is a charming and beautiful love story about a former Hollywood producer who trades her cast list in for cookbooks in the hopes of following her dreams and finding new love. Ben and Rosie are Hollywood’s newest director/producer dream team. After hitting it big at Sundance, it seems that their ten years of love and hard work are finally paying off. Rosie is happy making independent films, but Ben wants the A-List celebrity package: a house in Beverly Hills, fancy cars in the driveway, and his name on the biggest blockbusters. He’s willing to do anything, even sleep with the most famous producer in town, to get them.


Thanks to Netgalley for an advance copy. Review coming soon!