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Happy Weekend!  Hope you’re relaxing with a good book.  Today’s review is for a book that was pretty dark and twisted.  Until We Are Lost by Leslie Archer is a fast-paced read for fans of intense psychological suspense.

Title: Until We Are Lost

Author: Leslie Archer

Genre: Suspense

Published: 2/2/21

Source: TLC Book Tours

My Thoughts:

Do you ever finish a book and think – what the hell did I just read?! I couldn’t put this book down but it’s deeply, DEEPLY disturbing. In the beginning, we meet Tara who is seeing a psychiatrist because she has been having nightmares about a horrific fire, she can’t remember anything from the six months after the fire and because her twin sister Sophie is missing. We learn that Sophie is the extrovert and the fun one and that their dad was a famous hypnotist. (Pause for effect).

This is one effed up family and readers should be aware of potential triggers including rape, physical abuse, cutting, and drugging one of the characters. Kudos to the author for taking therapy and PTSD seriously.

Interesting side note: Leslie Archer is the nom de plume of a New York Times bestselling author of more than twenty-five novels. I’ve been able to discern he’s a male author but who exactly is Leslie Archer???

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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Girl at the Border comes a haunting thriller about one woman’s journey into the painful truths threatening to destroy her.

When Tara Peary’s twin sister Sophie goes missing, Tara dives into New York’s underbelly to find her. Sophie is the one person who’s ever truly understood her, and Tara knows her sister isn’t the only one who needs help.

Tara is also on the run emotionally from her complicated childhood. Her memories are threatening to overwhelm her emotions and derail the hunt for Sophie. A psychotherapist keeps her afloat, but when Tara begins dating her therapist’s young tech-millionaire neighbor, she risks losing the only lifelines she has left.

The more Tara uncovers about her sister’s disappearance and the dark side of the rich elite, the less certain of the truth she becomes. As Tara reaches the center of the mystery, spanning from her childhood home in Georgia to a Southern California beach, she has to decide whether the truth is a price she’s willing to pay.

About the Author:

Leslie Archer is the nom de plume of a New York Times bestselling author of more than twenty-five novels.

Connect with Leslie – Website

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