The Bookish Year In Review – Part I #yearinreview #readingrecap #2020recap

The Bookish Year in Review – Part I 

Hello dear readers! 

This year has been 100% shitty. There’s no getting around it. We are all living it.  When we look back at 2020, it will be a significant year in history. Kids born in 2020 and beyond will have a new normal that is uncharted territory. The way they interact and see the world will be drastically different. Just a small example, TikTok is a fascinating platform and I see the appeal but it kind of feels like the start of a dystopian novel coming true.  Read this Forbes article. Also, people are talking about The Social Dilemma and I think it’s worth a watch. No one can predict the future but if I could have any superpower, that might be the one I’d want.

Here’s what I wonder. Will we be wearing masks for the foreseeable future? Will movie theaters ever open? Will my kids ever go to school traditionally again? Will my dad ever get to go out to breakfast again? Will authors ever go on a book tour again? What about Disneyland and the water parks and malls? What about young athletes, musicians, and artists? What will be the career options for teachers and medical professionals?

If there is a silver lining, there’s no doubt people are reading more and buying from smaller independent bookstores. This is awesome. More people are able to hear their favorite authors speak and attend virtual book tour events. (It’s not the same but it’s something.) People are spending more time together and puzzles have made a HUGE comeback.

Since I don’t have a time machine, the only thing to do is adjust and adapt and prioritize what’s really important and what’s in my control. Where do I want to focus my energy? This year, I’ve focused most of my efforts on Instagram, the new releases, book tours, and trying to grow my account – still trying to get to that magic 10,000 followers! I’d never trade the friendship and community that’s become a vital part of my daily life but the downside is that feeling of competition and FOMO!  And being so “busy” taking pictures and engaging that there’s no time left to read. Or write blog posts! No surprise here, but I haven’t felt like writing creative original content so this blog has been neglected  – thank you if you’ve stuck with me this long and are reading this!

So what did my reading year look like?

My Goodreads goal is always 100 books for the year and right now I’m at 115! Here’s the link to the recap.

I’ve read a lot more romance this year and started at least TEN new series. I started off the year listening to a bunch of audiobooks and then for some reason I stopped. I’m still working on my Top Ten list so look for Part II in a few days.

Just for Fun – Book Tag

I came across this book tag recently, so here’s a little preview of some of the books I read this year.

My Life In Books: (Using titles from only 2020 Reads.)

In high school, I was: The Editor by @mrstevenrowley

People might be surprised by: Home Truths by @susanlewisbooks

I will never be: Boyfriend Material by @quicunquevult

My life in (full) lockdown was like: Desperate Measures by @katee_robert

My fantasy job is: How To Save A Life by @lisaandliz

At the end of a long day, I need: Ordinary Grace by @williamkentkrueger

I hate: Sunburn by @lauramlippman

Wish I had: Followers by @meganangelo

My family reunions are: Nothing To See Here by Kevin Wilson

At a party, you’d find me with: My Dark Vanessa by @kateelizabethrussell

I’ve never been to: The House in the Cerulean Sea by @tjklunebooks

A happy day includes: The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jiminez

The motto I live by: Happy People Read & Drink Coffee by Agnès Martin-Lugand

On my bucket list is: Everything, Everything by @nicolayoon

In my next life, I want to have: Fair Warning by @michaelconnellybooks

Thanks for the Books!

I have read so many books and discovered authors I would never have known about without this community.  I have learned more about historical events than I ever did in school.  I’ve been educated on why diversity in literature matters and how LGBTQ characters, disabled or differently-abled characters, and people of different ethnicities, religions, and political leanings have often been left out or stereotyped in literature.  I am so grateful to the publishers and authors and PR companies that sent me free books to feature and review. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

QOTD: How was your reading year? What were your top three favorite reads?

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