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I’m happy to be joining Suzy Approved Book Tours and Mango Publishing on the book tour for Real Estate Rescue with Tracy McLaughlin: How America Leaves Billions Behind in Residential Real Estate and How to Maximize Your Homes Value. I received a free review copy in exchange for my honest review.

Genre: Nonfiction

Release Date: April 14, 2020

My Thoughts:

This is one of those books that everyone should read. It was a quick read that was easy to understand and jam packed with “insider” information about the real estate industry. Even if you are not buying or selling a home today, this is still a fascinating look at some of the mistakes people make. The author is clearly very experienced and shares story after story of families who were taken advantage of, hired clueless agents and basically threw money away. She offers her expertise and guidelines for not making the same mistakes.
Only by talking to the neighbors will you find out the inside story: that the home one street over has a dirt track for motorcycles that ceaselessly whine every Saturday night; a man uses the sole common area in your apartment building as his virtual office; a couple in the adjacent brownstone incessantly fights; the garbage truck in the alleyway will wake your kids up at 5 o’clock before school on Tuesdays; or the smell at low tide is unbearable.”
If you know someone who is thinking of buying or selling a home, especially in today’s do-it-yourself environment, this book would be a fantastic resource. Purchase Links Bookshop | Libro FM

About The Book:

If ignorance is bliss, American home buyers and sellers should be in a state of rapture,” says Tracy McLaughlin, a Bay Area real estate broker ranked #1 in residential sales every year for the past 15 years. Every day, she watches buyers and sellers make impulsive decisions based on very limited information that lead to serious financial consequences. She knows what people who trust Zillow or don’t: in nearly every real estate transaction, buyers and sellers leave behind money—hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars—in the process.

Author Tracy McLaughlin arms buyers and sellers with a comprehensive, strategic blueprint to overcome the cost of ignorance and maximize the value of their investment. Information about homes and markets only scratches the surface. As an expert who thoroughly understands her craft, McLaughlin reveals the wide range of overlapping skills and discipline essential to success in residential real estate.

Chapter by chapter, Real Estate Rescue with Tracy McLaughlin covers each critical step in the home sale and acquisition process, explaining it in depth. Along the way, McLaughlin delves into the psychology of homebuyers and sellers, calling attention to common emotional traps. By following her practical and rational approach, prospective home buyers and sellers will gain an edge on mastering:

• The mechanics and art of home valuation—which has nothing to do with what you paid for your home, what you need to net from the sale, or how attached you feel.

• Pricing right—with the aim of getting the highest offer without letting your home be a high-priced bread maker.

• Preparing a home for sale—from timing the market to staging a home for buyers to see themselves living in, with design tips and insights into environmental suggestions.

• Marketing and branding a home—using the power of storytelling to engage buyers while keeping the seller’s emotions in check.

• Fundamental matters of permits, inspections, and full disclosure, plus a list of the critical things buyers should be aware of and cautious about, yet often overlook.

• The dangers of trusting a friend or relative who dabbles in real estate with managing your largest asset. McLaughlin can share the story of a prominent divorcee whose faith in her dear friend, a socialite with a real estate license who hadn’t worked in over 20 years, wound up costing her half a million dollars—and other cautionary tales.

Tracy McLaughlin has a remarkable real estate success story. In 2019, after nearly 15 years of standing out as the #1 producer in residential sales in Marin Country, she was recruited by Mauricio Umansky, award-winning entrepreneur and real estate trailblazer, to lead the Marin County offices for his state-of-the-art luxury real estate brokerage, The Agency. Founded in 2011, The Agency has grown into a global company with more than 500 agents and 27 offices, ranking among the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the country.

The typical American homeowner has 40 percent of their wealth tied up in their home, notes McLaughlin, driving home: no buyer or seller can afford the price of ignorance. Informative and empowering, Real Estate Rescue with Tracy McLaughlin: How Not to Leave Money on the Table in the Sale and Purchase of Your Home is a guide well worth the investment.

About The Author:

TRACY McLAUGHLIN, real estate broker and entrepreneur, has been the #1 producer in residential sales in Marin Country, California, every year since 2005. After growing a successful boutique brokerage in Marin, she purchased Pacific Union, a residential firm in the Bay Area, on the heels of a mortgage crisis in 2009. The company grew into the 5th largest residential brokerage in the country, with a sales volume exceeding $14.1 billion, and in 2018 was snapped up by Compass, a real estate tech company, for a record price. Out of two million actively licensed real estate agents in the United States, McLaughlin is currently ranked 51st in sales by the Wall Street Journal and has been consistently ranked among the top 75 performers in the country for the past ten years. She currently leads the Marin County offices for The Agency, an international full-service, luxury real estate brokerage and lifestyle company founded by Mauricio Umansky and Billy Rose.

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