January Blog Audit Challenge #blogauditchallenge2020 #orangecountyreads

Blog Audit Challenge 2020

I’m joining in a bit late, but I’m happy to join Jo Linsdell, author and marketing guru for the Blog Audit Challenge 2020!


Each month we’ll concentrate on a different area of our blogs. Our focus for January is on strategy. Before we jump into updates, tactics, and the more technical SEO aspects of our challenge, we need to lay the ground work and create a plan of action. 

The January challenges will help give us direction and serve as inspiration for the following months.

Let’s get started!

1. Mission Statement

OrangeCountyReaders.com is a book review blog and resource for readers who are looking for author events and book signings in Southern California. The spoiler-free reviews posted here are generally new, adult releases and are intended to feature and support established and debut authors.

2. SWOT Analysis

Strengths: professional appearance, clean design

Weaknesses: inconsistent posting, perfectionism paralysis

Opportunities: improved searching, more relevant tags, partnerships with event organizers, email newsletter

Threats: time and efforts are wasted when posts are a) viewed in WP reader and b) not cross-promoted to other platforms

3. Research

I am in awe of the amount of creativity out there and the sheer volume of content that is created on a daily basis. The things that make me stay on a page include lots of whitespace and graphics that are sized correctly. Good menus and tags are vital for posts to be seen after they are first published. I also like to see consistency in the aesthetic of the page.

I hate ads and popups. Okay. I said it. I know they are a necessary part of blogging but they are often so disruptive to the flow and usually not about a relevant subject.

4. Create a content schedule.

This has been the hardest part for me. I would like to post 4-6 times a week but it’s not realistic if I actually want to read any books! My goal is three posts a week or 12-15 posts per month.

Mondays – Goodreads Giveaways post / Links / Book News

Tuesdays – Top Ten Tuesday post

Wednesdays – TBD

Thursdays/Fridays – Book Reviews

Have you ever done a blog audit? What did you learn from the experience?

I can’t wait to see what Jo has in store for us in February. Click here for the February Challenges.

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  1. When I started blogging years ago (before I went back to work and school), I would have joined this challenge in a heartbeat. Now my blog is more of a hobby for me, and I’m happy if my posts reach 30 people. This is an excellent challenge, though, and I like this post and the things you’re thinking about.


  2. This is great Jaymi! I love “perfection paralysis“ 😂😂😂 we must be Virgos! 😂😂😂 your blog is great and I admire the big challenges you take on!


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