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Genre: Fiction, Contemporary

Published: 10/1/19

Pages: 331 pages, kindle edition

Disclaimer: I received a free advanced copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. This has no effect on my opinion, review, or rating.

My Thoughts

This book was the first I’ve read by this author. While I was putting together this review, I thought it was interesting that this is the pen name of author Kerry Schafer who has written a ton of other books in the paranormal thriller genre! This is her “touchier-feelier” persona, apparently. I’m always fascinated when an author genre-jumps… but I digress!

As usual, I didn’t have any idea what the story was about, I was drawn to the cover more than anything at first. Of course, looking at the cover now, I see the musical notes.  If possible, I prefer to go into a book without reading the synopsis or anyone else’s reviews.

This book was a five-star read for me. It checked all the boxes in terms of things that I love: flawed characters, family, healing, love, courage. The main idea is that music has the power to heal the most severe of wounds, both psychological and physical. (Shades of Dr. Strange?).  I wasn’t expecting the touch of magical realism – but it was very well done.

The themes of failure and forgiveness, alcoholism and regrets along with the importance of family were touching and emotional. Each of the characters was well-drawn and realistic.  I loved the group of friends who planned interventions by taking the person who fell off the wagon on an adventure as “punishment”. The main characters Phee (or Ophelia) and Braden stole my heart. I ached for both of them and wanted him to connect with his daughter and to play again. A magical and moving story.

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About the Author

Kerry Anne King is the sidekick, alter ego, and touchier-feelier doppelgänger of fantasy and paranormal thriller writer, Kerry Schafer. She is the author of three works of women’s fiction, with number four releasing on October 1, 2019, and her last novel, Whisper Me This, was a Washington Post and Amazon charts bestseller.

Kerry Anne is the proud possessor of a tugboat, a Viking, and forty acres of rocks and trees in the middle of rural northeastern Washington. In addition to writing novels, she is an RN and licensed mental health counselor, a writing mindset coach, and a serious coffee snob. She is kept in line with three cats, a dog, and the aforementioned Viking. Her favorite leisure activities involve reading, yoga, and long walks in the woods

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