16 Most Anticipated July-December Reads | #newbooks #TBR #orangecountyreads

16 Most Anticipated July-December Reads | #newbooks #TBR #orangecountyreads16 Most Anticipated July-December Reads

This was a recent Top Ten Tuesday prompt but I couldn’t just stop at ten! The second half of 2019 has so many amazing new releases: 1 favorite series, 8 favorite authors, 5 historical fiction, 1 YA, 4 thrillers, 1 memoir and 4 family dramas.

Here are the 16 Upcoming Releases I’m most excited about!


16 Most Anticipated July-December Reads | #newbooks #TBR #orangecountyreads

7/23 – Meet Me in Monaco by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb

Why I’m Excited: This is a fantastic author duo who also wrote the 2017 Last Christmas in Paris. For their second book together, they are bringing Grace Kelly to life in an emotional historical fiction romance.

Goodreads | Amazon (Preorder price 11.99)

7/30 – The Chelsea Girls by Fiona Davis

Why I’m Excited: This Historical Fiction title is set in NYC during the 40s to 60s when Joseph McCarthy was intimidating everyone in the entertainment industry. Two women and their 20 year friendship… I’m in!

Goodreads | Amazon (preorder price 12.99)


16 Most Anticipated July-December Reads | #newbooks #TBR #orangecountyreads

8/6 – Life and Other Inconveniences by Kristan Higgins

Why I’m Excited: I really loved one of the author’s previous titles, Good Luck with That and have high hopes for this story about family and three generations of women.

Goodreads | Amazon (preorder price 11.00)

8/27 – The Passengers by John Marrs

Why I’m Excited: This science fiction, mystery sounds like a fast paced, exciting read where eight self drive cars are on a collision course and the public must decide their fate! Hunger Games meets Total Recall?

Goodreads | Amazon (preorder price 15.08)


16 Most Anticipated July-December Reads | #newbooks #TBR #orangecountyreads

9/10 – The Last Train To London by Meg Waite Clayton

Why I’m Excited: I love Historical Fiction and I’m very interested in the stories of the Vienna Kindertransport. Early reviewers say it’s a heart pounding, thought provoking, page turner!

Goodreads | Amazon

9/24 – Renia’s Diary by Renia Spiegel

Why I’m Excited: This is a true story written by a Jewish family living in Poland in 1939. Renia and her sister are visiting their grandparents right before the Germans invaded.

Goodreads | Amazon (preorder price 18.98)


10/1 – The Speed of Falling Objects by Nancy Richardson Fischer

Why I’m Excited: I loved her previous YA title When Elephants Fly. This one sounds like an exciting survival adventure. It’s described as “compulsively readable”!

Goodreads | Amazon

10/1 – Where She Went by Kelly Simmons

Why I’m Excited: This is a contemporary thriller about a daughter gone missing and a mother unraveling. Her worst fears have been realized and she starts to learn more about her daughters life than she ever imagined.

Goodreads | Amazon

10/1 – Ribbons of Scarlet by Kate Quinn and others

Why I’m Excited: In 18th century France six women’s paths cross and they each must defend their families and be outspoken in a time when women didn’t have a place in politics. Six authors bring these powerful women warriors to life.

Goodreads | Amazon

10/1 – The Butterfly Girl by Rene Denfield

Why I’m Excited: This cover and the title. Honestly I’m sucker for anything with butterflies. This is a mystery thriller about lost children and dark influences – I’ll have to read with the lights on!

Goodreads | Amazon (preorder price 18.89)

10/8 – The Giver of Stars by JoJo Moyes

Why I’m Excited: Horseback librarians in depression era Kentucky. Friendships and true love and courageous women… you can’t go wrong with a JoJo Moyes!

Goodreads | Amazon (preorder price 13.99)

10/22 – The Night Fire by Michael Connelly

Why I’m Excited: My hands-down favorite series is Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch so it goes without saying that his latest installment is at the top of my list. We have Harry and Renee teaming up again and in the first few chapters we also get a few scenes with Mickey Haller! Michael continues to write such compelling stories even after 32 (?) novels.

Goodreads | Amazon (preorder price 18.90)

10/22 – Beside Herself by Elizabeth LeBan

Why I’m Excited: This new release was sent by the publisher and I immediately was drawn to the cover. I enjoyed the authors other title, The Restaurant Critics Wife and was excited to hear she had a new book. The story is about the aftermath of an affair and one couple’s journey to find a new normal.

Goodreads | Amazon (preorder price 10.99)


11/5 – The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

Why I’m Excited: The Night Circus is on many many lists of favorite books since its release in 2011. The Starless Sea is a fantasy title that sounds like another magical story.

Goodreads | Amazon (preorder price 14.99)


12/3 – Stay by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Why I’m Excited: CRH is such a prolific author- she writes from the heart and her characters face challenges and usually find some kind of redemption. Stay is about family and friendship and kindness.

Goodreads | Amazon (FREE Kindle Unlimited)

12/30 – The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

Why I’m Excited: This sounds like a creepy and psychological thriller. Imagine you are married to a man who happens to have two other wives? If you’ve read this author, you know she writes storylines that have you gasping with twists and a shocking ending.

Goodreads | Amazon

QOTD: Are any of these on your TBR radar? What’s your most anticipated upcoming new release?

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  1. I love seeing what others are anticipating! I have the Kristan Higgins one on my radar of course and the Jojo Moyes book and after loving the last Catherine Ryan Hyde book I need to watch out for that as well.


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