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Today’s TOP TEN TUESDAY prompt is all about books I’m not sure about. They’re new releases coming out later this year that are hyped for one reason or another. Some are debut novels, some nonfiction and some are drama/thrillers. I’ll be curious to see what the reviews and other bloggers say when the release dates get closer.

Here we go…

1. GINGERBREAD The prize-winning author of Boy, Snow, Bird returns with another bewitching and inventive fable, this one about a mother and daughter whose family history is bound together by a fantastical gingerbread recipe. Oyeyemi’s trademark imagination makes for an enchanting, unreal story about legacy and birthright. (March 5)

2. SPRING Smith’s Seasonal Quartet continues with Spring, the third entry in a series of standalone novels that reimagine what fiction can do. Packed with flashbacks, flashforwards, and wordplay, Smith’s work is ever-surprising. (March 12)

3. COMMANDER IN CHEAT Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly has watched the president play golf, and surprisingly (?) his sportsmanship and ethics left something to be desired. Building on his firsthand experience by interviewing scores of golf pros, caddies, and opponents, Reilly paints a side-splitting portrait of a cheater–one that will surprise no one. (April 2)

4. LIGHTS ALL NIGHT LONG When a Russian exchange student lands in Louisiana, he and his host sister grow close while working together to exonerate his brother from murder charges back in Mother Russia. This vivid coming-of-age novel spins an engrossing mystery while also a story about family ties and adopted homes. (April 2)

5. WHITE The author of American Psycho slams censorship, social media, and the limits of freedom of speech in a rabble-rousing written attack for the age of Twitter (his first book-length work of nonfiction). (April 16)

6. THE UNPASSING A Taiwanese immigrant family making a new start in Alaska is rocked to its core by the death of a daughter. In this spare, deeply felt debut novel, Lin resists received wisdom about the American dream to craft a family saga about the difficulty of grieving far from home. (May 7)

7. NO VISIBLE BRUISES A veteran journalist exposes just how ubiquitous and insidious America’s domestic violence epidemic truly is–in fact, she argues, it shapes a startling number of our most pressing national issues. Through the stories of victims, abusers, and law enforcement officers, Snyder illustrates the role domestic violence plays in such national emergencies as mass shootings, mass incarceration, and sexual violence. Gut-wrenching, required reading. (May 14)

8. THE WITCHES ARE COMING One of our foremost thinkers on gender unveils her unifying theory of America: that our steady diet of pop culture created by and for embittered, entitled white men has stoked our sociopolitical moment. Adam Sandler, South Park, and Pepe the Frog all come under West’s withering scrutiny in this funny, well researched analysis of the link between meme culture and male mediocrity. (May 29)

9. THE GONE DEAD When a woman returns to her father’s Mississippi home thirty years after his accidental death, she uncovers buried truths about slavery, her childhood, and herself. This gritty debut novel takes a hard look at family, race, and place. (June 25)

10. COVENTRY Fresh off her acclaimed Outline trilogy, Cusk explores nonfiction in this collection of memoir and cultural criticism. If you’re looking for clear-eyed writing on gender, politics, and literature from one of the most innovative minds – check it out. (August 20)

QOTD: Have you added any of these titles to your TBR? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’m excited for The Witches are Coming but also undecided about No Visible Bruises…it’s obviously important and sounds like a deep study, I’m just not sure I want to/can immerse myself in the topic.


  2. Thought-provoking selections, all. I’d only heard of the first two, but won’t read them until I read the authors’ other works at least. I’ve now added The Unpassing and The Witches are Coming–looking forward to them, must brace myself for intense reads.


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