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Genre: British Lit, Fiction

Published: December 4, 2018



My Review:

I loved this sweet and heartwarming “slice of life” story and was completely invested in the lives of the characters. Filled with lovely British euphemisms and descriptions of a scenic and wild part of England called Brockscombe near Devon. (I looked it up and it’s a real place!)

Brockscombe, South Devon

Mattie and Tim work together and he’s just announced he’s going on a sabbatical and is looking for a country cottage to regroup and face an uncertain future. She suggests her family cottage and he is able to move in for a short term. Once installed on this beautiful property he meets a cast of characters that changes his whole outlook. Listen to this description…

He sees the blue flash of a jay and hears his harsh call; rabbits lollop in and out of the undergrowth, pausing to sit and stare before dashing off with a kick of their hind legs and a scatter of earth. rhododendrons tall as trees are in flower, pink and white and purple, and, deep in the shadows, the delicate silver birch trees are pale and elegant as ghosts.

The storyline is poignant and emotional at times. I loved Francis’ story and how much he cared for Tim and his “little family”. Aunt Kat was a hoot and I enjoyed her wicked sense of humor. I’m definitely interested in reading more by this author.

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About the Author:

Marcia Willett began her career as a novelist when she was fifty years old. Since her first novel ‘Those Who Serve‘, Marcia has written over twenty more books under her own name as well as a number of short stories. She has also written four books under the pseudonym β€œWilla Marsh” and is published in more than sixteen countries.

Her current novel is ‘Homecomings‘ and she is always working on a new novel!

QOTD: Have you read Marcia Willett? Who’s your favorite British author?

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