Book Review: Ghastly Glass by Joyce and Jim Lavene (Book 2 – Renaissance Faire)

I finished book 2 in the series more quickly than the first, mostly because I was familiar with the main characters and the Renaissance Faire setting.

Jessie is still trying to solve crime at the Ren Faire, this time she is apprenticing at the glass shop and Death (a guy dressed as the grim reaper) is found dead! The main difference is the Halloween theme. All the residents and cast are given scary costumes and the whole village is made spookier.

Jessie and Chase are still together and I’m enjoying their relationship as they seem to be committed and the jealousy and overt flirting is toned down.

The Halloween setting was a good way to keep the action going and it seemed to be a very popular event with the visitors. There was infighting between the guilds but they all agree to work together to find the culprit.

The clues lead all over the place and the police aren’t helping. The wacky gang of misfits ends up solving the mystery until a couple weeks later when everyone gets a big shock, especially Chase.

Jessie’s twin Tony also makes an appearance as well as several other secondary characters. I thought Merlin’s alter ego was awesome!

Next book is Deadly Daggers!

Since it’s not a genre I’m familiar with, I wanted to try reading a cozy mystery series. Luckily author and blogger James had the same idea. Click here to see general info and links for this month long read-a-long!

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