It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Goooooood Morning! I love waking up on a non-school day knowing the kids will sleep in and we can all relax….and read! Prayers for everyone here in California who’ve been affected by the fires and yet another school shooting.

Here’s what I read last week:

Out of the six books I read, it would be very hard to pick a clear favorite.

Mini Review: The new Michael Connelly DARK, SACRED NIGHT was outstanding. Another winner. Another unforgettable story. Told as only he could do. Ballard and Bosch are the dream team of detectives. Smart. Tough. Fierce. I don’t know how MC keeps doing it. He brings these characters to life without being flashy or kitschy. Ballard has similarities to Bosch but she is unique and cool and unapologetic and…a she. My prediction? Bosch can’t live forever but now we have his equal to keep the story going. I mean Bosch is mostly retired and he’s been doing this for 31 books!


AN ANONYMOUS GIRL is going to be one of those books that EVERYONE will be talking about when it comes out next year.

GHOSTED by Rosie Walsh was a complete surprise. It had so much more emotion and depth than I expected.

ON A COLD DARK SEA by Elizabeth Blackwell was a Kindle Unlimited book that was also a Girly Book Club pic – who knew there was another Titanic story that needed to be told?

I picked up a couple of library books I’m excited about (below) and am still trying to get to WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING so I can catch up with the buddy read I’m part of 🤦🏻‍♀️. I’m also planning to read the new Cathy Lamb – THE MAN SHE MARRIED.

Can you guess which one I picked based purely on the cover? Which one should I read first?

Tell me what you’re reading and do you love it?

#IMWAYR is a weekly meme hosted by Kathryn at The Book Date. It’s a great way to recap your weekend and plan your reading goals for the week ahead.


  1. I’ve not heard of any of the books you show. I’m glad they were enjoyable. The news has been dark and grim lately. So I read. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  2. Ah I do hope you enjoy the Cathy Lamb book when you get to it. I haven’t read the Jenkins Reid book but sort of tempted. I have When the Crawdads Sing reserved at the library for my turn when it arrives.

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