Book Review: Rush by Lisa Patton

Genre: Fiction, Contemporary, Southern

Published: August 2018

Pages: 416


I’ve never been in a sorority and after watching Legally Blonde I was pretty sure I didn’t miss out on anything. BUT… after reading this book and the author’s personal note I am feeling a little envious of the sisterhood and the idea of a house mother sounds pretty wonderful!

This was a truly lovely story and a perfect example of southern literature. The author’s writing style reminds me of Pat Conroy and Kathryn Stockett. Each character was painted so vividly, each scene described felt like I was there and the ending was very satisfying! I was reading through my tears for the last three or four chapters.

It’s not just a story of three girls trying to get into a sorority- it’s about mothers and daughters and growing up and making choices to be proud of.