Blogoween Post 7: Shapeshifter

Are you ready for some more BLOGOWEEN? Today’s prompt is from Jamsu at Jamsudreams.  Make sure to stop by and say BOO! 🎃👻

Characters You’d Like To Dress Up As For Halloween

Well since this is a BOOK blog, I took a look at some popular literary costumes out there…

Edgar Allen Poe– terrifying 😮 and that mask makes me claustrophobic just looking at it.

Grammar Police. Yes. I am this person. I really need to embrace it. I could wear this and walk around being judgy!

Bookworm. I adore this costume. I want to make it right this minute.

Evelyn Hugo. Would anyone get the reference? It would really be an excuse to wear this gorgeous dress though!

Bookface. Lastly, one of my MOST favorite hashtags! You must check out #bookface immediately. So creative and unique. If I could just do this for my costume, I’d be set!

So tell me, which book character would you want to dress up as?

For the month of October, I’ve joined book bloggers Sam and Clo to celebrate BLOGOWEEN! 🎃👻. I’ll be following some of the hosted prompts and encourage you to visit the hosts and show some love!


  1. These are delightful! I have to second the love for the Evelyn Hugo costume. I’m honestly not sure I’d figure out the reference, but if you told me what you were referencing, I’d love it and you’d look stunning.

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