Book Review: The Witch of Willow Hall by Hester Fox

Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Witches

Published: October 2, 2018

Pages: 368


This was a well written ghost/romance story set in the early 1800s. The three Montrose sisters have had to leave the city due to some vicious rumors regarding the eldest sister Catherine and to avoid further scandal.

Their new home is very remote and has some creepy history. Lydia is the middle sister and Emmeline is the baby of the family. The girls settle in to their new home and both Lydia and Emmeline begin to see and hear suspicious activity. Who is haunting this house and why?

When tragedy strikes this poor family, it seems the daughters can’t escape their fate.

The descriptions were atmospheric and creepy and Wuthering Heights-esque. (I was reminded of The Witch Of Blackbird Pond several times.) The story has romance and tragedy, scandal and heart.

A solid debut effort from Hester Fox and a perfect spooky read to get in the fall weather mood.

About the author:

When not writing and painting, Hester works in the museum field as a collections maintenance technician. This job has taken her from historic houses to fine art museums, where she has the privilege of cleaning and caring for collections that range from paintings by old masters, to ancient artifacts, to early American furniture. She has a master’s degree in historical archaeology, as well as a background in Medieval studies and art history. Hester lives outside of Boston with her husband.