Book Review: Tear Me Apart, J. T. Ellison

Tear Me Apart

J. T. Ellison


Genre: thriller, suspense

Published: 8/21/18

Pages: 328

This book had me on the edge of my seat and at the end of part one, I gasped out loud. I was fascinated by the story line, which gets more complex and layered as the chapters go.

Mindy is a world class skier and has a terrible accident. Her mother is Lauren and right away you know she will do anything for her daughter. Then there’s these mysterious letters to and from Lisel and V where two girls are in a mental facility. Meanwhile Mindy is in the hospital and gets even MORE bad news, some seriously terrible stuff, and life changing news.

Lauren’s much younger sister is Juliet who is a science/dna/investigator and she plays a very important role as everyone is trying to figure out how to save Mindy’s life. And…… that’s just part one!

This is part family drama, part murder mystery, part medical procedural and 100% engaging from beginning to end. The author also handles the mental health aspect in a real and sensitive way. The characters draw you in and everyone is suspect in this twisty thriller. Everyone except Kat the therapy dog who is one of my favorite characters!

Have you read this author? She has quite a back list if you’re interested!


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