Book Review: Other People’s Houses, Abbi Waxman

Other People’s Houses, Abbi Waxman
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary, Humor
Published: April 3, 2018
Pages: 352

At any given moment in other people’s houses, you can find…repressed hopes and dreams…moments of unexpected joy…someone making love on the floor to a man who is most definitely not her husband…

*record scratch*

As the longtime local carpool mom, Frances Bloom is sometimes an unwilling witness to her neighbors’ private lives. She knows her cousin is hiding her desire for another baby from her spouse, Bill Horton’s wife is mysteriously missing, and now this…

five-starsI LOVED this book.  This was a funny, real and relatable read that I whizzed through in one day.  I wish I hadn’t waited so long to read it.  I had the pleasure of meeting Abbi at two author events this year and she is funny and irreverent and self-effacing and with a charming British accent I could listen to all day!  Now that I’ve read the book, I’m calling it – Abbi has some Frances Bloom characteristics….now I have something to ask her if I meet her again!

This is a love letter to marriage and parenting in Southern California.  I have been part of the school carpool and had neighbors with really only two things in common – our kids and the street we live on.  You’ve seen your neighbors taking out their trash in their pajamas, arguing with their spouse or yelling at their kids – but what happens behind closed doors is still somewhat of a mystery.  I’m sure glad I’ve never had to see what Frances saw!

There are a lot of great quotes in this book and laugh out loud musings.  Here’s a good one:

“Mind you, these were professional children, the offspring of creative people and deep thinkers, who’d marveled over them as babies, encouraged them to express themselves as toddlers, and wished they’d been more consistent and mean to them now that they were old enough to sass back.”

I was already a fan of this author just from meeting her and I am excited to go back and read her debut  The Garden of Small Beginnings.

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