Book Review: True Places, Sonja Yoerg


Genre: contemporary, women’s fiction, drama

Published: 1/1/19 (Lake Union Publishing)

I received an advance copy of the latest book by Sonja Yoerg and promptly dropped everything and read it over two days!

The premise sounded fascinating. Suzanne, an over scheduled mother and wife rescues a young girl who’s been on her own, living in the Blue Ridge mountains, completely isolated and feels compelled to take her into her family.

The repercussions of that decision and the result it has on her marriage and her children is both heartbreaking and eye-opening. Her successful husband Whit, her two children Reid and Brynn all need a wake up call.

This author is cerebral and articulate (had to look up a few words) and fantastic at character development. Each person in this book has a voice and a personality and a complete story. There is also some mystery of course. Where are the girl’s parents and how did she survive? In the course of the story, as Suzanne tries to explain the modern world, the huge homes, the waste, the excess she finds herself questioning her own goals and needs.

The best descriptive word that comes to mind as I reflect is….redemption. The ending was satisfying and the characters all got a good whack upside the head! There’s a message here and part of it has to do with making real changes and not just accepting the norm. Just because everyone you know is also busy, overwhelmed and over-scheduled doesn’t mean you have to be too.

I can’t leave out the incredible descriptions of the outdoors. The author lives in Virginia and grows most of her own food and hikes all over the world. She is good buddies with Mother Nature and her gorgeous depictions of the scenery and plants are pure Sonja. 🌱 🌸

I highly enjoyed this book and know these characters will stay with me for a long time.

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