Book Review: All Your Perfects, Colleen Hoover


Genre: romance, contemporary, adult

Published: 7/17/18 (Atria)

Pages: 306

Welp, you’ve done it again Colleen Hoover. My brain is a pile of mush after finishing her latest novel, All Your Perfects. I had heard this was a book about marriage and was very curious to see how Colleen would put her traditional spin on the material. Graham and Quinn tell us the story of their marriage from a then and now perspective. Soulmates and lovers these two are absolutely perfect together. (I’ll admit right up front I like Graham a whole lot more than Quinn.) The story begins with their meet cute and boy it’s a doozy. They have one of those epic relationships where they fit together and orbit around each other and the rest of the world is left out- the “then” chapters are full of passion and sex and sweet, sweet pillow talk.

But no marriage can sustain that kind of heat and CoHo slowly starts to tear it apart in the “now” chapters. Slowly we see Quinn pull away from Graham but we don’t know why. She’s putting on a brave face and then crying in the shower. She’s putting up physical barriers so he won’t get too close. They are doing the avoidance dance and pretending like everything is fine. Eventually they reach a breaking point and Graham does something stupid. Quinn and Graham are already broken but this is the proverbial straw and the reader is left wondering how they can ever possibly overcome their obstacles.

One of the reasons I love reading Colleen Hoover’s books is because her characters are flawed and beautiful humans who want to be better and we can all relate to that. We all want to be loved even with our imperfections. It was a joy to read this book, the epilogue especially, had me in tears. BRAVO 👏


  1. Great review!! I haen’t read any CoHo books before, I’m not much of a romance reader tbh but I keep hearing great things about her books! So maybe I’ll pick them up someday if I’m in the mood!

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