Happy Blogoween!

October Blogger Challenge

It’s time for BLOGOWEEN! 

Blogoween is a month-long event co-organized by Clo @ Book Dragons and Fictionally Sam, and hosted by several book bloggers; with posts and prompts that are related to either Halloween or Autumn (or you can choose your own to fit!)

I’m excited to join in and am planning to post for 🚨13 days🚨 with all kinds of Fall 🍁 and Halloween 👻 posts! You won’t find too much horror, zombie, paranormal or apocalypse type posts on the blog but I’m keeping an open mind! 🤔

If you want to participate, Click here for details, meet the hosts and see the weekly prompts. Or Here for even more.

Ready to Join? Sign up HERE.

6 responses to “Happy Blogoween!”

  1. Woooo Blogoween is gonna be awesome *throws pumpkins and spice at you* <3

    1. Daaang that was close, almost got clocked by a pumpkin 😂

      1. hehehe almost! good dodging! <3

  2. AHHH So glad you are joining us!

    1. Thank you for coordinating this!

      1. ♥️♥️♥️