Discussion Post | Ratings: Would You Change It ATF? #letsdiscuss2019 #thoughtfulthursday

I’ve been thinking about book reviews and book ratings…

When you’re reviewing a book on Goodreads or other site, have you ever gone back and changed a rating?

Let’s say you rate a book 4 stars, then after reflection you lower (or raise) your rating. Do you change your original rating or leave it alone?

Do you round up since you can’t usually give 1/2 stars?

How do you decide how many stars to give a book? It’s a very subjective process, obviously.

Are you generous or stingy with your stars?

What are the things a book must have to get a five star rating?

I think ultimately it’s the emotional and mental impact that makes a book 5 stars.

Are five stars enough or do you feel limited ?

Here’s a novel ideas… What if we had ten? Would you rather have more stars to share how you feel?

Let’s discuss!

Tell us about YOUR rating system!

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