Book Review: In Pieces by Sally Field

Genre: Memoir, Nonfiction

Published: September 2018

Pages: 416


In Pieces is the perfect title for this haunting memoir. It left me in tiny, weeping pieces.

Sally Field – the bubbly surfer and ingenue, activist and runaway, Shelby’s and Forrest’s mom….she has worked in the movie industry for most of her life. She has worked with the most talented and important people. Physically she is small in stature, but she is not diminutive in any other way.

Listening to her speak recently was such an honor. She spoke of the amazing Lee Strasberg and Burt Reynolds and many other subjects during her hour long appearance. Some of the same stories are in the book. I imagine she wrote this book to help figure out her life and how the pieces all fit together. IMO, the stories aren’t intended to place blame or spill the tea but only to help her as she analyses her life’s journey.

The book is tremendously self reflective and vulnerable and beyond sad. Her relationships with her Mom (or Baa as she called her), her children and others were at times joyous and at times dysfunctional. I related to many parts of her story. She kept journals throughout her life and relatives saved every single newspaper article she was mentioned in and she had kept many old mementos which all served to help her remember and share her amazing life.

It was a hard book to get through but I’m glad I did.

Note to readers: Potentially upsetting chapters detailing the sexual abuse she suffered.