Blogoween Post 3: Creepy Crawlies

Happy Blogoween!

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Fictional monsters/creatures that you would hate to encounter IRL

I have a fear of creepy crawlie things and have actively avoided horror/slasher films since I was a teenager. Even when someone is watching The Walking Dead I’ve got to leave the room. Just the idea of searching for images is giving me the heebie-jeebies!

So here are the three creatures or monsters I would hate to run into IRL!

R. O. U. S. – Princess Bride

Rodents Of Unusual Size are giant rat-like creatures that Westley and Buttercup encounter in the Fire Swamp. These beasts eat practically anything, especially living things, including humans.

The Hilarious Backstory Behind The ROUS From ‘The Princess Bride’

Grievers – Maze Runner

In The Maze Runner by James Dashner, the description of the Grievers has stayed with me. The strange, lethal creatures are described as amorphous monsters of metal and flesh. Now I didn’t see the movie version but holy hell, they sure came up with something fairly terrifying. ::pastes image and quickly scrolls past::

Orcs – Lord of The Rings

Orcs were Elves once. Taken by the Dark Powers… tortured and mutilated… a ruined and terrible form of life. ‘Nuff said?

Alrighty….moving on!

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8 responses to “Blogoween Post 3: Creepy Crawlies”

  1. Fun fact: I have actually never watched Princess Bride before. With that said, I would shoot that creature on sight no matter what. On my TV, in person–which ever *shudders*! xD

    1. They really are awful, and I highly recommend you watch it!!!!

  2. This is a good list!
    The spider mechanical thing from Maze Runner is disgustingly creepy!

  3. OMG GRIEVERS girl, they were amazing in the movies. I ended up DNFing the series after Scorch Trials, I read a bit of it but meh I lost interest. The films though, made me fall in love with the world. And the grievers were terrifying, you should watch the films hehe. Also the cranks…also terrifying.

    1. You’re trying to give me nightmares yes?! Eeek 😬

      1. NO BUT LIKE I NEED YOU TO WATCH IT just so I can see how terrifying they were for you haha <3

  4. Great responses, and I totally forgot about the ROUS! Big rodents can gtfo