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Genre: Nonfiction, Psychology

Published: October 15, 2019

Pages: 288

My Thoughts

I am always up for a good “mind, body and spirit, inspiration and personal growth” title and since we are kicking off Nonfiction November tomorrow, this is the perfect book to discuss.

The Source is an interesting look at how the brain works and how we have the power to control its functions.  It takes techniques like visualization and manifestation and in a very sciencey way offers proof of the power of the mind!

The author begins by sharing her background and how she came to the field of psychiatry along with the details of how she hit rock bottom, professionally and personally and decided to dedicate herself to neuroscience and helping others to retrain the brain to make positive changes in their lives.

New technologies like brain scans can really show what thoughts “look like” and how anger, sadness, and joy appear in the brain.  In 2015 (just four years ago), Pixar released Inside Out, which reviewer Ann Hornaday called “that rare movie that transcends its role as pure entertainment to become something genuinely cathartic, even therapeutic, giving children a symbolic language with which to manage their unruliest emotions.”  I imagine many many children being able to understand their feelings better, simply because they have a name for it!


The rest of the book is broken into sections with easy to read chapters like “Emotions: Master Your Feelings” and “Raised Awareness – Switch off Your AutoPilot”.  I especially related to the section on creativity. So many people will say they are not “creative” because they can’t draw a picture and I hate when people sell themselves short.

“When we’re thinking with our whole brain, and devote our full creative power to a situation or problem, we see possibility where others see limitations.”

I thought the author did an excellent job sharing techniques and methods for how to control your thoughts/actions and how to interpret them and make positive changes. Since I already do a lot of journaling and have made my share of “Action Boards”, these concepts and ideas were not hard for me to embrace.

I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for real, practical ways to work on being more “present”, fighting old fears and maintaining a healthy balance in your life.

About The Book

For the first time, a Neuroscientist and Senior Lecturer at MIT reveals the surprising science that supports The Law of Attraction as an effective tool for self-discovery and offers a guide to discovering your authentic self to access your best life now.

Self-help books like The Secret show us that if we can tap into “The Law of Attraction,” we have the power to change our destiny simply by reshaping our minds. Millions of people have used the ancient systems of manifestation and visualization to find health, success, love, friendship, wealth, and more. But does the “Law of Attraction” actually work? And more important, is this kind of life-changing philosophy within reach for everyone, even the most skeptical among us?

As Dr. Tara Swart, psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and Senior Lecturer at MIT shows us in The Source, if we can strip away our skepticism, these ancient tools of manifestation and visualization are fundamentally powerful and incredibly effective at freeing us of self-limiting behaviors and propelling us toward our truest, most authentic selves. Swart reveals how and why these systems actually work by offering the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience and behavioral psychology, including lessons in neuroplasticity, magnetism, emotional and logical thinking, and even hydration, self-care, and relaxation. Next, she describes her own journey from skeptic to believer and guides readers through the scientific breakthroughs and personal revelations that changed her from an unhappy, close-minded, and disconnected woman wanting more from life to a successful entrepreneur living with confidence, purpose, and joy.

The truth is, most of the things we want—health, happiness, wealth, love—are governed by our ability to think, feel, and act—in other words, by our brain. Dr. Swart combines the insights and inspiration of The Secret with the practical lessons of The Master Key System to help a new generation fulfill their dreams. The Source is a rigorous, proven toolkit for unlocking our minds—and reaching our fullest potential.

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DR. TARA SWART is a neuroscientist and former psychiatric doctor. She is a senior lecturer at MIT Sloan and a visiting senior lecturer at Kings College, London, and an executive advisor to some of the world’s most respected leaders in media and business. She is the lead author of the award-winning Neuroscience for Leadership and in 2016 she was named the world’s first Neuroscientist in Residence at Corinthia Hotel, London. She is passionate about teaching others how to apply lessons from cognitive science to enhance everyday lives.

Find out more about Tara:

Website |Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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  1. I actually have a brain injury/impairment and short term memory loss and my doctors have also referred to the movie Inside Out because the way our brain stores memories is explained really very well in it. Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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